During the middle school ages, children are starting to be aware of things on a deeper level. Books can help them along on the journey to self-discovery and also help them learn a few lessons that they will carry for a lifetime. If you are just starting out and confused about what kind of middle school literature will impress the young ones in your charge, here is a list of some books that will achieve all that and more. Some were chosen by teachers, and others were chosen by the children themselves.

· The adventures of Tom Sawyer- Mark Twain

Even if many kids shy away from the classics because they think they are hard to understand, Tom Sawyer and his fondness for pranks and mischief never go out of style. This book will remain a favourite for many years to come.

· Wonder – R.J Palacio

Auggie, a boy born with many physical deformities and has been homeschooled all his finally brave going to a real school. Even if he is bullied at the start, he also finds friendship. The book offers a wonderful chance to teach pre-teens about bullying and how to be around before who are different.

· Murder on the Orient Express- Agatha Christie

Suspense and intrigue galore as a Belgian detective tries to get to the bottom of the murder of a wealthy American man on the Orient Express as it journeys from Istanbul to Paris.

· 11 Birthdays: A Wish Novel- Wendy Mass

Best friends Amanda and Leo who share a birthday and have celebrated together since they were born to fall out before their 11th birthday. This is the first time they will not be celebrating together and the day after their parties, Amanda realizes that she is stuck in a time loop. A few days later, she realizes that Leo too is facing the same predicament and the two friends make up and go on a quest to fix this problem.

· Paperboy- Vince Vawter

Little Man is great at playing ball but he has a huge problem. He can hardly say a word, not even his own name without stuttering. He gets a summer job delivering newspapers and through interaction with the customers, he learns a few life lessons. This novel is autobiographical and readers get to understand what it feels like when one can’t speak as easily as others.

· Anne of Green Gables Lucy Maud Montgomery

Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert are middle-aged siblings who live at Green Gables in Avonlea. They are looking to adopt a young boy to do chores on their farm but instead, they get Anne Shirley 11 years old who have been bounced around from one orphanage to another.

Despite their initial disappointment, Anne’s imaginative, talkative, fanciful and dramatic personality draws the siblings in and brightens up Green Gables and they allow her to stay.

· 20,000 leagues under the sea- Jules Verne

In 1866, the US government assembles a crew to go and hunt and destroy the mysterious sea monster that has been spotted roaming the seas. What they discover instead is a submarine ahead of its time and they are taken on board by the Captain, Nemo who shows them many interesting places under the sea. But in order for Captain Nemo to keep his submarine a secret, he does not allow them to go. The rest of the story follows them as they try to escape. Lovers of the sci-fi genre will enjoy this read very much.